Thursday, January 22, 2009


Its the trunk of a Guava Tree. Unlike other common tree trunks, this one's very colourful as would be evident in the pic, and that is what attracted me to click it. I titled it Skin because the covering layers of the trunk were giving way for the new ones... something similar to the skin.

When a friend of mine saw this pic, she told me that she could find images matching various creatures in here. I laughed at her, but later, sat myself to do the same. Find them all...!!! Now, I won't mention here what all I identified, but if you do, please let me know.


Its a Peacock! Somehow his wings have been cut by greedy people who later sell them to all the superstitious population around the country. I was walking through my new home in Ajmer, Rajasthan, when I saw him on the boundary wall, walking! It took me time to click this guy, because peacocks are very scared of humans, and not to forget I was trying to be over-pally with him (less than 6 feet distant), so he'd run away everytime I raised my Nikon. Finally, when he was walking slowly upon the ramp, modelling, I got the opportunity to click him.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Employed? Well that's the question these days... And even if you got a job in your hands, is it paying you well, are you satisfied, work environment, etc. etc. etc. So I found this pic apt to reflect the inner feelings of us all.

I was in Ajmer, at my new home when this ox-cart came carrying some cement. While taking the pic I was amazed the way he kept staring at me, as if posing for the snap. Quite cooperative I must mention...


It was a torture to capture this one. I was on a bus to Delhi, when it stopped in the middle of the night at Midway Behrod (130 kms from Delhi). I went down to get some steamy coffee when I saw this one. It was foggy, and the street light behind this tree could barely be seen, not to forget that temperatures running at 3°C are not the most friendly for photography. My hands were shaking and the VR feature of a digicam's not good enough. Anyways, the tag is self explainatory I guess.