Sunday, May 24, 2009


Hmmm.... I know the tag sounds controversial. Orgasm is such a taboo tag to fit this snap, but still, I guess it justifies the vigour, the energy, and the momentum of the moment in which this spurt of water oozes out. Well, its water gushing out of a pipe at a good pressure. I took this snap at a very high shutter speed of 1/1000th of a second; the lighting effects been given artificially.


Another abstract description. The leaves depict lives; unparallel... incomparable with each other. No two of us share the same destiny.


Midnight Rains... water drenched leaves, satiated of their thirst in their fight against the summer sun. These Phycus leaves, which were going brown due to the rising Rajasthan temperatures suddenly were filled with all life. I was very happy clicking this snap coz these leaves belong to a 8-year old phycus (tree) that we just planted a few days ago in our home. I need not mention here that the leaves coming alive gave me such respite...!!


A new person, his nascent experiences with life... some good, some bad, and rest unaffecting his being. Thats something similar to this tyre's life... Ready, waiting to begin his unending journey. A journey that would take him to places, paths- smooth and broken; and all this would allow him some experience. Yep! Like a kid who learns from his deeds, making up for his inexperience.

Its a JK Ultima Radial (they're not paying me, but still..!!) and it belongs to my car. Just got the ol' ones replaced and brought my car home but the tyres were dirty by then, so put some water over them to have that new look again, and then CLICK!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Hmmm... I know flowers are denoting peace, and volcanoes are the signs of war. But here I have tried to bring some congruency between two opposite entities. Actually this Lily made me think of a volcano- its orange colour, fully blooming with energy, and the way stamens bursting out of it; all signs of a volcanic eruption.

Mom's Watching!

Its an abstract depiction of a mom who's keeping an eye over her kids. A good mother gives her children a feeling of trust and stability; that is what I've tried to portray here... young kids curious enough to run out of the sight of their Mom, but as it always is- Mom's Watching!

It is a Giant Lily that we recently got from the nursery. I took the pic in the morning sun, as would be clear from the shadows of the pollen-filled stamens. It was hard to focus upon them with bare hands, so used a tripod.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Its a spider, donno the particular species... but it was BiiiiG. When I was taking the pic, all I was concerned was about one thing- that it doesn't climb up my Nikon...!! Anyways, the snap's been taken at a macro mode at very close counters. I kept the tag symmetry because of the position of its legs, in symmetry with each other.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Its a Cactus (as if you didn't know that already!) I somehow have a liking for Cactus generally, have loads of them at Home... and I always laugh at people who say its not good to have them at home. Bullshit! Coming to the snap, its a symbiotic relationship between a cactus and its thorns- How the plant supports the thorns for the protection they provide to it, its saviour!