Sunday, August 23, 2009

Follow Me!

This guy's cute. Its an Indian Star Tortoise [Geochelone Elegans] and is stunning in its beauty with the radiating star pattern on its carapace making him an eye-catching display. He's a baby, probably a month old or so, and was quite interested in the camera lens initially, sniffing it to see if it could be eaten. But when found nothing to his taste, he just turned away... as if he was asking me to follow him if I needed to click a snap.


Remnants of a tree eaten by termites. I was in Deer Park, Pushkar, when I located this one. Somehow, liked it, and well, what else I had to do than to click it...?

Monday, August 17, 2009


Restricted! The mere image of a barbed wire brings such thoughts to our mind. This is something I've been wanting to click from quite some time. Finally I clicked it...!! It was the wired boundary of some field. You may notice the background of standing crops. Initially I thought of taking it against the setting sun, but then thought better to have a dark background such that the barbed wire may get more attention. It was tough to focus on the wire alone without a tripod, but finally the image came well.


This snap has been clicked on my way to Baijnath, a place ahead of Pushkar, in Ajmer (Raj.). It was some dilapidated abode made by someone, looking at its condition it didn't seem as if someone still resided here. Standing in the middle of the greenery, on the foot of a rocky mountain, it looked as if some home of the people of the stone age. I don't know how people managed to find the right stone to fill in the spaces to erect such straight walls. Anyways, I titled it Haven because for today, in the middle of that way, where there was no one around, this stone structure seemed only like a refuge.


A green grasshopper sitting on a green leaf ready to greet you; that's what camouflage is all about. When I noticed him initially, he was sitting on some other leaf, and by the time I came running back with my Nikon, he'd already left that place. It took me 2 minutes to locate him again, but to my good luck, he was sitting on a more clickable position on a greener leaf. So, all I had to do was to look at him from my viewfinder, and Click!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


"United We Stand, Divided We Fall"

Impenetrable! That's what these forests look like. The only reason for their looking so is their unity; cvery single tree has an identity here, but their strength is their unity. It felt so soothing to look at them, something I can't explain in words. I was on my way to Pachkund, near Ajmer, when on the way came these Naag Mountains. All covered in green due to the July rains, they looked marvelous.


When I was in school at Kota, I had a group of four, and we named it CatKiNS, after the four of us. Today, when I had to name this snap, I knew it couldn't be anything other than Catkin. I was in Deer Park at Pushkar, looking for some deers, when I found this one catkin hanging down the plant, obstructing my view. So, guess no need to mention, this snap is dedicated to that group which taught me the real dimensions of life.


The setting sun, and a bird of prey, back at its abode, bidding an adieu to it. That's what I tried to capture in this one. This peacock, sitting on a tree standing at Deer Park, Pushkar, was staring intently at the sunset as if making his vespers for the day.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


All night I waited,
Sitting on this leaf with caution;
But lonely I die,
Reducing with the rising sun.

I guess that's what this dew drop must have been thinking. I clicked this snap way back, and somehow never realized that I'd not uploaded it to my Blog. So, for such a belated recognition, I felt this droplet deserved some appreciating words. Clicked in December 2007, this is one of the first snaps that made me observe the beauty of dew drops.