Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Mehandi forms an integral part of all ceremonies and/or festivals in India. Since childhood I've seen my Mom, my Sis, and other relatives too putting mehandi on all celebrations. I kinda like it too, especially the way it beautifies the already so beautiful Indian female. The skin contains keratin which binds temporarily to lawsone, the colorant of mehandi. This snap was clicked during my sister's wedding ceremonies. Yep! Its her hand only.

Global Warming

I was travelling by road from New Delhi to Hanumangarh (Rajasthan) in the night when I saw this one. Its an old primitive technique used by farmers in Haryana (and in many other parts of India too) where they burn off the fields to clear the last crop's remains. It was the biggest fire that I've seen in my life (and am not interested in seeing another one). All the while I was thinking... Global Warming, India Burning! With all the talks about global warming on top agenda in various international conferences and symposiums, I guess the Indian Government must do something to educate these farmers too about the issue.

The snap has been clicked from quite far a distance, and that too from my Nikon L5 Digital camera, so the noise is clearly visible. Because of the smoke, the visibility around there had also been reduced, adding to the menace. But I guess still the snap would portray what I wanna convey!


This one's been taken inside a jewellery shop, and well, this is the best utilization I could make of that place, which otherwise seems useless to me. When the shopkeeper showed us these, his only intent was that we may choose to our liking, and therefore comes the tag: Choice! Different sizes, different styles, and different prices too.

The Middle Path

I guess the snap speaks for itself, so I need not explain the tag here. Its the same leaf of Erica Palm that I clicked in the last snap. I wanted to give more depth to the image, but with my basic Nikkor AF-S VR 18-55mm lens, its not so possible. Lets see, when do I save enough to get myself a decent lens.