Saturday, December 6, 2008


I hate the way past always sticks with us. Memories- sweet or bitter, hang on to our neck. I took this fan as an abstract example of this phenomenon. Well, just to give you an insight at what I'm thinking... Look at the arms of the fan, there's something blurred; and that is what I want to say- Whenever we look at something, we inadvertently relate it with past memories. Our outlook is governed by the past; so, the outcome is a blurred image, something identical to the arms of this fan!! Hope you get what I mean...!!

Getting technical, this pic is my first experiment with my D60- I clicked this one at an extremely slow shutter speed (1/50) just to give it this effect.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


This snap is one of my favez. I love it especially because of the simplicity with which it justifies its title- Religions. Initially I was to click only the leaf in between, trying to get the Indian version of the Canadian Maple Leaf, but then I thought that the background of other leaves would provide the apt background. When I saw the snap, this title came automatically in my mind.

A friend of mine asked, Why Religions? So, I'm trying to justify it here. Basically, this snap is a mix of various communities- different sizes (showing their strength), different colours (showing their aims), some of them are submerged in water, others dominating. Some are in the limelight, others hidden in the background. The basis is water, that is, India.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Autumn... What more can I say here? I'll just narrate an interesting incident attached to this one- I was looking for a dried leaf to click, and found this one; by the time I prepared my Nikon to capture it, there was this flower entangled into this leaf somehow. I did not want to disturb the combination, so clicked both. The pic's been taken at my Grandpa's house a day before Diwali.


Another snap clicked at my home. I was on an evening walk when I noticed this particular flower... Till yesterday, this flower danced, smiling above the leaves, in tune with the wind; betrayed, today it is a victim of that same wind- Lying in sand, waiting for its destiny, only to be crushed under a pair of shoes. What attracted me to click this snap particularly was not actually the flower, but the sand which was turning reddish with the setting sun. I especially wanted to capture that colour which gave this flower another dimension of beauty.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Evening Veil

The tag speaks for itself. I like this pic not simply because what it is, but because where I clicked it from. I was standing in my [National Law] University Campus and cursing the summer sun for being so cruel when suddenly I got a respite, a cloud had come to my rescue. Well, find above the pic of my rescuer!


Gulmarg (J&K) is a must visit for people who want to see the mighty Himalayas. The majestic mountains stand in front of you and you feel awed with their sheer beauty, but you can't help... the serenity puts you under a spell that ain't easy to break! This pic might seem to have been taken from a short distance, but its only the unpolluted air there that makes it possible; with high visibility, photography is pure pleasure in high altitudes.

Does Height Matter?

This one's straight from Mysore Zoo. Imagine the tallest animal finding himself short enough not to reach the branch of leaves he wanted to eat.

Monday, November 3, 2008


This pic is a preconceived idea materialized into reality too late. I always wanted to click something like this, but never had the opportunity of finding something suitable. I was in Mehrangarh Fort Museum (Jodhpur) standing under this staircase when my friend who had already half climed the stairs called me; rather than clicking her I clicked this...!!


There are two heads tied together (thats Marriage!) and they face in different directions (not facing towards each other) which is the reality of Marriage.... People stay together, but do they want to stay together?


Since childhood we all read about the lamp that burns to give light to all... this one's dedicated to that lamp. Now, the funny incident attached to this pic- I switched to the macro mode for clicking this snap, and took my Nikon so close to the flame that the lens went all black, and it took me time to realzie what I'd done. So, if you try doing the same, remember! some things look good only from a distance.


An open door, as if it is awaiting its owner to come back... remaining the way it was left, unmoved, untouched, expecting. I clicked this pic in Tonk (Rajasthan) at my Grandpa's house; an old haveli built in the pre-independence era. I guess I don't need to insist, I'm attached to the pic.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


I was at Mehrangarh Fort (Jodhpur) when this Imperial Eagle [Aquila heliaca] flew next to me, and I was jealous of the way she could fly, and I could not. That is where I decided the tag for this pic- Wings! It was a bit hard to click this snap, because a normal digicam is not an SLR , with a shutter speed not good enough, capturing moving objects is not that good an option.


When I took this pic, she didn't know it will be only her eye tht would be captured by my lens. Closed to the world, this eye sure is looking at something... A Dream! Someone said- never close your eyes upon someone who has his eyes open; but I feel that is the only way to look beyond what's visible.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


It was cold, and the only reason why Jhelum hadn't frozen in Pahalgaon (J&K) was because it was flowing. I had to live with the chilling feeling in my feet for quite some time for this snap... but every pain was worth it.

I'm Dangerous!

hmmm... this one's a beauty! I was scared of this hedgehog initially, but then I realized he was more scared of me; all the while his blue eyes trying to bargain that I must respect his love for privacy. So I did! But after I clicked this one...


I was walking by with my friends on a lonely road with my Nikon in my neck, when suddenly these dried thorns came in our way- Everyone else walked ahead but me, obviously absorbing the beauty in something so commonly found. There were many others, but this typical thorn somehow attracted my attention.

Friday, October 17, 2008


I could have written anything to describe this pic, but why Rajasthan? Well, firstly, am a proud Rajasthani... attached to everything that belongs to my land, and secondly because of the portrayal of Rajasthan to the whole world as a lifeless Desert. Agreed we're a Desert State, still, we know what clouds look like, and Yes! We do have trees and greenary too. I was a kid when someone said- "The moment you name Rajasthan, I can feel sand under my feet". I guess this pic's an apt reply of what Rajasthan is...


Even I did not know when I clicked this snap that it would turn out to be this beautiful. It was a winter morning and the temperatures for the night had been below the freezing point. I took my Nikon and went to find something capturable when I noticed this- a string of water droplets hanging down a cobweb thread, and I knew I had to have it.


Why Virgin? you may ask... When I saw this flower in my Garden one day, I was mesmerized by its beauty. It was so pure; untouched it stood in the morning twilight, hiding a secret within itself, and all I could come up with, was Virgin!

Keep Walking

I took this pic at my home in Rajasthan. It is an adult Lady Beetle [Coccinella septempunctata] walking down a Rudraksh leaf. What I really like about this pic is the consistency with which this insect walks down the edge of the leaf, inconsiderate of the world around her.