Thursday, November 13, 2008


Another snap clicked at my home. I was on an evening walk when I noticed this particular flower... Till yesterday, this flower danced, smiling above the leaves, in tune with the wind; betrayed, today it is a victim of that same wind- Lying in sand, waiting for its destiny, only to be crushed under a pair of shoes. What attracted me to click this snap particularly was not actually the flower, but the sand which was turning reddish with the setting sun. I especially wanted to capture that colour which gave this flower another dimension of beauty.


Honey said...

i was wondering if this life of a flower could be compared with the life of human beings.. thought this is how i could express...

The seed was sown and I was born
With the sun glowing at the dawn
Guiding my way, I smile and grow
Fighting the wind, I could still tow
Water fueling my stem was enough
But here I fall as my term is done
To envelope into the sand and the earth
With the setting of the sun, I close
Shining under the moon and the stars
Lying on the floor,I finish this chapter
With the dawn, starting a new one all together!

Zahira said...

amazing! see if u can fit a thoughtful quote for this
PS : the poem written above by another person is really good :)

Jigna Patel said...

my fav pic!....

S@RG@M said...

Thanx Jigna..!!