Sunday, November 16, 2008


This snap is one of my favez. I love it especially because of the simplicity with which it justifies its title- Religions. Initially I was to click only the leaf in between, trying to get the Indian version of the Canadian Maple Leaf, but then I thought that the background of other leaves would provide the apt background. When I saw the snap, this title came automatically in my mind.

A friend of mine asked, Why Religions? So, I'm trying to justify it here. Basically, this snap is a mix of various communities- different sizes (showing their strength), different colours (showing their aims), some of them are submerged in water, others dominating. Some are in the limelight, others hidden in the background. The basis is water, that is, India.


Kumaran Raman said...

Brilliant thought Sargam.
Keep it up.

Vasudha said...

This one is my favorite among all.. I like everything about it. Awesome