Saturday, December 6, 2008


I hate the way past always sticks with us. Memories- sweet or bitter, hang on to our neck. I took this fan as an abstract example of this phenomenon. Well, just to give you an insight at what I'm thinking... Look at the arms of the fan, there's something blurred; and that is what I want to say- Whenever we look at something, we inadvertently relate it with past memories. Our outlook is governed by the past; so, the outcome is a blurred image, something identical to the arms of this fan!! Hope you get what I mean...!!

Getting technical, this pic is my first experiment with my D60- I clicked this one at an extremely slow shutter speed (1/50) just to give it this effect.

1 comment:

charu said...

Hey.. Cool pic, bahut sahi ayi hai.. Life in ll its shades... Amazingly captured..

And the bitter memories are necessary.. Everything is relative you see.. :)