Friday, October 17, 2008


I could have written anything to describe this pic, but why Rajasthan? Well, firstly, am a proud Rajasthani... attached to everything that belongs to my land, and secondly because of the portrayal of Rajasthan to the whole world as a lifeless Desert. Agreed we're a Desert State, still, we know what clouds look like, and Yes! We do have trees and greenary too. I was a kid when someone said- "The moment you name Rajasthan, I can feel sand under my feet". I guess this pic's an apt reply of what Rajasthan is...

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Rahul Dutt said...

These pictures are reflections of your soul...sacred soul... when I read ur words I feel as if u r saying this to me in person... I can listen ur voice while reading ur words. I am glad that u r an exceptional photographer but sad that u did not tell me about ur blog.
Anyway keep blogging.