Friday, March 13, 2009

C for Cobra

C for Cobra: Just for info's sake, the name cobra (naja naja) is short for cobra de capello, which is Portuguese for snake with hood. This is my favourite animal- sleek, slender, swift, supreme... and the list goes on. I like this specie of snakes especially because of their ability to form a hood, their perfect arch shape giving their personality another dimension.

Unfortunately, this guy had been unlawfully kept by a snake charmer. I donno why the government does nothing against them. I clicked this snap in Pushkar (Rajasthan) when the snake charmer was trying to fool people by making this guy dance in rhythm with his been (snakes are deaf!). It was hard, since I only have a Nikon AF VR 18-55 mm lens and had to take my gear too close to him to capture his features sharply- but the risk was worth it.

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