Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Let me at the very outset confess that the term gendered has no significance to the dictionary meaning- All I wanted was to portray how we've associated the colour blue with guys and pink with girls. When I'd tagged this one, I thought the term did not exist, but out of curiosity I put it in google, and blah! there was everything I never wanted to know about the term.

The beautiful flowers are Asters, which had been gifted in the form of a bouquet. I felt like preserving their uncontaminated beauty before they became a prey of time, and so my Nikon got in action. The bouquet wasn't big enough so I focused intentionally upon the front flowers, such that it looks big.


Hakuna Matata said...

wow, I didnt know they were called asters. Pretty colourful arent they!

charu said...

i can now undersatnd the meaning of uncontaminated beauty.. :)