Monday, June 29, 2009


Anyone who's a lawyer here would understand at first glance that its the snap of a property that has been attached in a civil suit. Usually whenever a property is attached, both the contesting parties have a right to put their own locks to secure the premises. So, you might think the proper tag to be Attached. But I put it at an extreme contrast, as Sentenced.

Why Sentenced? Actually, if we see it from a non-lawyer's perspective, any property once attached has its fate decided already. The fate resides in Courts; District Court, High Court or Supreme Court. At the end, not even the litigants know why were they fighting. Thus, Sentenced!


riteja said...

I am so connected with this snap...

One update which Sargam also doesn't know that

when I was all set with my pose and waiting for him to click my snap, he was busy clicking this... I spared him just because I knew this gonna be his another beautiful work...

Nice tag!

S@RG@M said...

Ohhh... I'm sooooo sorry. I didn't know tht, otherwise da fact that you readied yourself for a click on your own, was in itself a moment of celebration... What say you??

riteja said...

It's okie... I posed on other's request... So neva mind...

S@RG@M said...

Who's da OTHER involved in here....??

Honey said...

i may be chained and stopped,
yet my mind is open,
my ideas are travelling,
its already on the road,
pick them up and explore,
whole new world behind the doors,
though locked,
just peep in and go,
you'll know the reason behind my silence,
wanting you to stop the violence!